As i sit in my bed celebrating the first day of 2016 my way, i cannot help but think back upon how the previous year turned out to become one of the most memorable one. I distinctly remember like it was yesterday when i had overreacted upon the fact that 2014 was turning into 2015, like time had planned a war against us, and how days were beginning to feel like hours and months passing like weeks. Besides all the reactions i might have shocked my family with, i sit here again,celebrating another year passing by, astonished by how time continues to cheat our lives and how we scuffle to catch up with this continuous race.

It may be characterized as the struggle to survive; Survival of the fittest perhaps. And how each of us bind ourselves to adopt certain behaviors`  to win our way through this endless competition. Some people simply hold onto the rope of “hope”, while others let each new day shape and mold their lives into something new. Some  consider a “Change” the solution while other choose to remain and learn from the past that marks their lives. In short everyone regardless of what they may consider, is caught up in the struggle to keep up with this endless battle of time, in the hopes of remaining head to head with the changing world and its inhabitants with their changing perceptions.

Personally for me, today my position in this world may not be acknowledged by “MANY” people but i am simply happy with what i am and have become over the passing years. Most distinctly, 2015 have played a significant part in my life, where i stood in an age of conscious awareness, teenage curiosity and with the ceaseless desire of reaching out into the world to create a difference. I did not only proved to have known myself better than i ever could this year, but also discovered vast grounds to flourish as a person with distinct abilities, and also to firmly establish myself onto it. What i chose to consider my encouragement for this journey of “SELF DISCOVERY” was not just ONE of the above things. What i experienced was a set of different types of emotions within this pack of 365 days, a chapter printed into my book of LIFE forever. Different scenarios stimulate me to react differently. Sometimes when i found myself in between great glitches, which required time and patience to work out, i often lost confidence and ended up in denial, a state when you refuse to accept reality the way it presents itself to you. At other points when the world shut out on me, which actually did happen, i realized i was stronger than ever. I accepted myself as i was and refused to embrace any new forms only to adjust myself with people and their never ending requirements to be satisfied. This turned me into strangers with people who once were very close, but on the other hands, gave me a chance to get to know new people. and those whom now i can now say, i would not like to be without.

So what i mean to say is that, just at the point where time lies in direct conflict with our lives which we choose to spend while remaining in that cozy cushion of our comfort zones people change, surroundings change, and most of all you change yourself. But if you fail to keep up with this battle you’ll be left behind to suffer where others be ahead of you. You don’t need to get out of breath, when things get too tacky, slow down, or perhaps stop for a minute. Catch your breath, Move on. But never in this battle, forget to smile, forget to hope for the best, forget to please people in terms of spreading happiness. Here comes another set of 366 days(Its leap year people) , live it to the fullest, make sure you learn each day, look back upon your mistakes, plan for the future and be confident in invading new areas of human nature. Make yourself extensional and simply live to enjoy the nature of each experience. It is that what counts at the end of the day.

Happy New Year Folks!


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