The eyes kept pouring out the guilt the heart contained. They took a subtle break but welled up again as the reminder of her mistakes hit her, like an alarm snoozing back to life just when the person falls asleep again.

So many words unsaid, so many lies slipped, a chain of misunderstood events and a mountain of questions waiting to be answered, all those whom she knew were too painful to be said out loud. How can she hurt them when she’d already broken them with a single truth? Struggling to prove that her silence was not her means of being stubborn but a loophole through which she could save their world from tumbling down.

The repercussions was not that kept the words inside, the punishment was not what she feared, it was how she’ll lose her whole world with a simple sentence and how it will break more than she had ever thought. But it was her own dug grave, her own mistake. She knew from that point that things would never be the same again; she knew she’ll lose a big piece of herself and chip off a big piece from them too. And this guilt kept on streaming down her face. She did realize her mistakes but it was too late.

Now, with all behind her, and life ahead she was ready to be patient. Things will fall in the right order themselves, the guilt will be overcome, the wounds she engraved will be filled. If time was the demand to put everything straight again, time is what she is ready to give. Knowing that those you love, and those who love you will always come back, forgive and accept you. Things that are meant to be, words that are meant to be said and lessons meant to be learned will be learned as the story will always go on…


5 thoughts on “A Silent Sorry

  1. If nothing else remains, there is always hope. Que sera sera, they say…whatever is to happen, will happen. I liked the melancholic feel of this piece :).

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