Here are some of my favorite sayings. All those that had moved me in one way or another. I hope they inspire you, move you and motivate you to do justice with yourself and those around.




Everyone in their life will experience pain. Physical but most importantly spiritual. This pain is what than can change us into someone we never thought we could be. Now it is on us. We can choose this pain to make us hard, selfish and bitter, or caring and understanding. GOOD OR BAD. There’s no third option.


We all struggle in trying to be someone else, to be extra ordinary, to do something different- just what keeps us from doing wonders each day. Only when we’ll realize that doing ordinary things the best way possible can create extra ordinary moments will we feel exceptionally extra ordinary ourselves. It’s the tiny droplets of water that create an ocean. Believe in this and see how you’ll feel the remark-ability of being someone different doing things differently each day.



The Hack to move on.



Belongs to a wonderful blogger.

Previously it used to upset me that everything will turn into memories those who’ll fade with time. Moments that felt so real will turn into just fragments in our minds and we’ll lose them with time and age. This angered me, pushed me in raising question, all those too wage to be answered. Nothing satisfied me, but after reading this, i settled for I had found my answer; memories for sure fade away but to be discovered later, spreading smiles and refreshing your soul with new hope.



Not ignorant, Just too determined to let go.
Pain is temporary, Know that.

If you have any of your favorite quotes to share don’t be reluctant to drop an email. You can find my email on my profile. Stay Happy!


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