To make each day count. 

To make each day count. 

I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, i love waking up in the morning not knowing whats gonna happen or, who i’m gonna meet, where i’m gonna wind up. Just the other night i was sleeping under the bridge and now i am here on the grandest ship in the world with you fine people. I figure lifes a gift and i dont intend on wasting it. You dont know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… To make each day count

-Jack Dawson- Titanic

The truth in his words… Sadly understood by very few. 

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In the dark. 

In the dark. 

I lay here celebrating the dark as it slowly wraps me in its silence. How i fail to read the words my hands scribe, straining my eyes at the white lined sheet of the book that holds my life.

Its weird how less you can see in the dark but how at the same time your mind burst with ideas, plans, thoughts, memories and seemingly all whats unseen. How less my senses choose to function, yet how diverse my soul travels.

In the dark, When the blurry lights outside my window comes into focus and than loose it.

In the dark, when only the silhouette of the items in my room fill my vision.

In the dark, when my mind travels back and forth, remembering the past, planning ahead.

In the dark when the eyes well up with tears of what has been lost, while the lips quiver a smile for the memories made.

In the dark, when the vision seeks dreams coming true, while the heart makes a million wishes.

In the dark, when my soul actually feels free…

To be Happy

To be Happy

“When i was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When i went to school, they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me i did not understand the assignment, and I told them they did not undertand life”

-John lennon

Money, fame, popularity, a good job, a big house. Are these what our goals are? Can they provide us happiness? 

Nope. Set your goal to be happy, the world may question, but time will prove how happiness will lead to prosperity, and how money will fail to buy you that.
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“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, similarly nothing can cure the senses but the soul”

-Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, never leaves me unispired. He has reamined to be an impactful writer for me. And well one of my Favorite! 

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To Love and Trust

To Love and Trust

To trust someone and to get someones trust, to love someone and to have someone to love you. All of these things are included in the long list of emotions and connections we share with our loved ones, those we once did not know. 
Then how come is it that we developed such great bonds of fraternity with them. How did these loved ones really become our”loved ones”? 

Was it the decision to “give” trust to them made it easy for us to trust them? Does our “choice” of loving the particular person ultimately leads us to love them? In short are we who choose to love and trust? 

Well the answer is no. A big fat NO.

We do not choose to love certain people and to dislike others. It is on the other hand THEY who do the magic. How? Just by being themselves and simply pushing us to feel that way for them. All those with their happy, joyful nature, with their positiveness and hopefulness makes it easier for us to open to them with love and care. It is the behavior of the other person for which we develop ties with them. It is by far they’re behavior that pushes you to trust them. 

Love and trust aren’t sold out, they’re earned through the good you have in you.

Hey, who just read this, if you are loved, and trusted, know you are good. Not flawless, not perfect, but good. 

And if you feel like you’re not trusted and loved. Know people can’t choose to do that with you. No matter how hard you try. Let the brighter side overlap the darker ( we all have a dark side, even i do too) and see how you do the magic for earning someones love and trust. 
Stay positive!

A Sincere Advice.

A Sincere Advice.

Stand alone in the storms when they finally find your way. Don’t expect for a shelter offered by an umbrella besides your own. If a helping hand is brought forward be grateful, but if it isn’t, don’t blame the world for it. The world will not take upon itself another burden while it’s struggling to handle its own. No one is to be blamed for all your soakings in the rain. Let the thunder continue, and let the lightning fall, you either stand forth on your heels high, or you drench in the drowsy dark.

This way or the other, you’ll either walk out strong, by fighting your way through the winds, looking for your own umbrella, your own self, seeking your own help. Or, you will walk out proficient. Experienced and trained for the upcoming storms, prepared well beforehand for all the battles to be fought.

Either way you turn out, you will remain free from the favors of the people of this world. Those which they do not allow to go unnoticed.

Be strong, independent, and most of all believe in you.  You’ve walked through the storms before; you can walk through them again. All you need is just your strength and see how relieved you’ll feel. Burden-less, Blameless and free.

Storms guiding the ride.

Storms guiding the ride.

Few people understand what it means to be really there for somebody. And that’s the toughest part about being on a journey; you realize the main ones that said they will ride with you are in fact the first ones to fall off. People make promises with the sun shining- excuses when the storm comes. That is why I am thankful to the rains that washed away the unnecessary.

The reality is; you could be perfectly alike, wickedly connected and genuinely retarded but could still be overlooked and forgotten. So when they finally leave, you come to learn that our kind of love isn’t for everybody. More importantly; there are more of those around you that need it than you think.

Carbon Monoxide and You

Carbon Monoxide and You

The percentage of Carbon Monoxide in air marks only 0.2 % compare to oxygen which is 20.95%. However if this small amount of Carbon Monoxide reacts with the hemoglobin in blood, regardless of the ample amount of oxygen in air, can cause poisoning in the body. But hemoglobin plays it smart. It knows what it wants and does not let others merge along.

Similarly, negativity, no matter how many positives lay around, will not fail to TOXICATE you as long as you allow it to be a part of you. Keeping inside as much as 0.1% of the 0.2% negativity around will kill all the oxygen you have collected in your life, destroying without you even knowing.

Be aware of how even the slightest of antagonism can harm you. You have got to make the choice. Either permit it to enter in a little proportion, allowing it to kill silently, or shut the gates close, to remain spiritually awake and fulfill the dreams you’d seen as a child.

The Reluctance to give

The Reluctance to give

We spend our lives expecting too much from too many people. Underestimating friendship, over estimating relationships. Caught up in the struggle of attaining greater meanings from simple sentences, other times standing oblivious to words that actually create a difference.

We blame others, blame events for mistakes that we ourselves chose to make. All the time, testing the fine line of our limitations, consciously aware of the consequences yet still when the ground hits us, “unexpected” is what we preferably consider the fall to be.

We fail to express ourselves in moments when emotion is all that could have created us. Digesting in all the questions the mind burst with, keeping the grieving tears inside when the heart wants to pour them out, portraying the equilibrium of our emotions when the inside breaks with every loss, every word into shards too subtle to be able to glue back again.

Unaware of how we simultaneously continue to waste the time of our lives sheltering our feelings from the world. We outgrow from guilt to show our self-control, resisting the tide of our sentiments to take over us. Reconciling ourselves each night, putting up makeup to hide the eyes that have had sleepless nights crying in the pillow, to show the indifference we feel towards the worldly disappointments and rejections received.

Likewise not just disposing the blessing of being able to feel certain emotions, we also drag in those who we love shutting them into the castle of our self-made illusion; empty and dark. Depriving them of the warmth they deserve to receive. For example, the fear for showing passion for those we love. When love itself is desperation, obsession with someone’s soul, than why do we restrain ourselves from delivering the affection with the fear of being categorized as desperate?

With so less to offer we demand others to give us more of them. Expecting them to co-operate when we ourselves have weakly grasped the strings that tie us altogether. Aspiring for more than one’s abilities with little or nothing at all to return, Is this how we commit justice? With our self and those connected?

Set free from the unwanted chains you have tied yourself with. Let that strong guard you have built around you drop. I do not ask much of you, but the world deserves a feedback of its interaction with you. Maybe it is not too good enough to be expressed but then it’s never too bad enough to be kept inside. Let those you love, and those who love you permit a little piece of your mind, your heart and see how magical all will be. Life isn’t as hard as it seems to be, we’ve made it hard ourselves, the world isn’t cruel as long as we’re careful in choosing the people we relate too. Allow those who you do choose to see how you feel about them.  You yourself deserve to express what you feel and live a little openly, to be happy and to spread happiness. Just like that.

The Story Teller

The Story Teller

All those years it has just stood there, watching quietly as it flowed. Listening to the complains the world had. So many grievances so many calamities did it gather that a song it has put all in. In the most silent of moments you will hear it sing. You might even stop, might even pay attention, but obliviously walk by unaware of how the melody unveils the infinite smiles, tragedies, memories of all who walked by.

One day you too will stroll by, sit by it’s side and add to it’s blue. For it will continue to echo your song until another passenger passes by…

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