You have to let go of the people in your past friend

They were never destined to stay.

You may have gotten attached to them, you may miss them

But their part in your life had come to an end, they had to go away.

Don’t ache your soul with the wait that they might return

That life may cross your path again.

Maybe they’ll show up at the places you go,

or that their car might cross outside your door.

It will just worsen the wounds and revive all felt pain.

Don’t burden yourself with the question Why?

It has been answered so many times before.

You can only see what is before you, but not what is not shown.

This that; what will be unfit for you, will not be a part of your life long

For your creator loves you the most,  trust him when he says “I know”.

The chapter they had walked in, has far finished.

Your life has not stopped, continue to live.

Don’t punish yourself each day, don’t torture that little brain.

You will meet new people ,

And the one who will Stay.

Don’t beg before your knees, for them to return,

You have to learn the idea of letting go.

Dear, listen to the sounds of Nature

They are already living the next day.

You have to move on, for life has already accelerated

They might have promised, but they can not stay.

Life has planned so much, God has set dates

But how will you welcome them, if you continue to look back on the days?

You can breathe, you can still smile

Don’t sadden yourself over passed time.

You are Young, wild and free

Let the Sun crisp your skin,

and the light illuminate your dreams.

Let yourself whisper their name,

and allow the wind to carry it away.

Hold your head up high, you are not bad luck, you are no one to blame.

You are just learning to rise through Life’s rough game

Don’t static your pace, you are the one meant to stay,

but for people who come and go,

Its best you to learn to let them go.


This piece is for a very close friend. I’m sure you will realize its for you, i did promise to write for you.

Yes, you have to let go, relieve yourself from the constant pain of old memories. Cherish the times you’ve spent together, for rest, just let it be the way it is. Lets move on together, from the people we loved and cared for in the past. Lets for once, accept that what ever happens, happens for our own good. Out of all the people, i would know that, because i lost some people too. 


2 thoughts on “*Letting Go*

    1. Who says you have to “ERASE” them. That is not possible. But we can learn to accept and live by them. We can choose to see them with positively and feel happy for all the good times. Be grateful. But just that. Not linger onto them, and hurt ourselves.

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