Hey Everyone! My Best Friend just made her YouTube Channel and i request you all to visit it! Search it by Timothy Atelda. She is so amazing and talented! Please subscribe and spread the word. I want to boast her confidence by as many views as i can get her with!


We’ve been together since grade three, and well if you’ve read my previous post The Story of the murdering stares i’ve recieved shes the one who embarrassed me! Shes a shy person but so incredibly cool!


Watch her video Light Your Room Up, and let me be honest here, it’s just a trailer of the amazing things shes planned for her room! Soon will be posting a new video!


Please i request, tell you friends and families to subscribe! It’s a favor you could do to make someones day! Thankyou lovely followers!



2 thoughts on “My Best friend just made a YouTube channel!

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