Sometimes, some events, some people that had been a part of you at some point in life leaves a great mark behind when they’re no more. What role does it play and well why does the mark stays?

We choose to let it lay. That is it. For all the memories of your childhood, all the memories of your youth, those which continue to stay with you, are the ones you allowed to linger own. To hold onto you with a fragile grip yet every time it loosened it, you kept it alive, lingering on by remembering it. 

Some of these memories continue to contribute positive in us, the present us. Reminding us of the lessons learned, advising to adopt new approaches, alerting the consequences of repeating old mistakes. All in all pushing us in becoming better everyday. Careful and sensible. 

While some of these memories which have stayed behind, do nothing but harm in a way oblivious to us in the present, revealing its destruction done over panels of time. What kind of memories and thoughts are they? The memories of guilt we keep inside, not allowing to forgive our own selves, when people have. The feeling of envy, greed and lust, the memories of our childhood when we couldn’t get what we want, when we had to make sacrifices, when we had to give away ours to those in need. All these which we let home inside to build up into something dangerous, some parasite, continuously telling us to do bad with those who did that with us. And we train ourselves in becoming villains, in the life story of the people we are connected to. 

So be aware of all what you allow to be a part of who you are. A part of who you will be in the future. Letting your past, and the memories made, guide you is not a bad thing at all, only when you know which part of your past and what memories you want to tie to. 

It is after all man who wrongs his own soul. 

“It is the spectator and not life that is really the mirror” 

~Oscar Wilde


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