We’ve filled our hearts with hatred, for those we know too well and well those we never did.

We’ve kept an envying eye on the things we don’t own, oblivious to the numerous blessing we’ve been granted without asking. 

We’ve transformed our soul into an ungrateful, unthankful one. 

We’ve moulded ourselves with greed and lust, always wanting for more, reluctant to give ourselves.

We’ve deprived ourselves of little joys, living in the rented self pity home. Pitying on ourselves, at times when we have to learn.

We’ve trapped ourselves in the past, grieving for the choices made, for the chances we’ve missed. Missing all the opportunities presented to us in the present for the time that had passed away. 

And than we question: Why aren’t we happy? Why isn’t the heart satisfied? 

Well i wonder why…


7 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Happiness? 

  1. The heart is desperately wicked. Always wanting what it does not have. Yet, we can tame the wild beast by asking ourselves the question, “Why isn’t the heart satisfied?). You wrote an eloquent piece. It is powerful and pierces my heart. Asking it, “Are you satisfied?” Thank you.

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