I feel like sharing a very embarrassing event with all my followers, that took place in my life when i was 10. Well you could also say i’m kind of replying to the daily prompt.
So before you read this, you should know some major things about me.

1. I was a tomboy when i was young.

2. Dare me to do the weirdest thing, i will do that. Dare me to say anything to a stranger you’ll see me doing that.

3. If someone says me u to Give my life for my friends, i’ll give it. Will do anything for them.
So now i think you all are ready for the story.

Everyday after home time in grade 5, me and my best friends would join the other batch mates (those who were the children of the school teachers) in the school auditorium. During those days one of my close friends had a HUGE crush on a guy from amongst our batch. And the best part of it all, seemingly i was told they passed LOVE LETTERS to each other. Those i had seen with my own eyes. Yes… We were desperate little 10 year old girls!

Now, the thing is, we were waiting for a reply to one of those letter, which apparently was taking long. So my best friend recommended me to walk over to the guy and ask for the letter myself. Now you all gotta refer to the above points as to why i took her suggestion!

I distinctly remember that i had a lollipop in my mouth, no joking and i actually walked over to that guy and just like that asked him for the letter. He seemed confused and than started denying writing any kind of letter. I comforted him my way confirming him that he did not need to shy away from me i knew the whole system and that i’m just here for the letter. Now During this whole time my best friend was no where to be seen yet i continued doing my job with all sincerity. The guy kept defying and i kept convincing him to hand it over to me. In the end when he swore he had no idea of any kind of letter i made my way out of the auditorium where i found my best friend. I explained her how i tried my best yet the guy was to shy to hand it over to me. We walked down the school playground where we sat on a bench to relax.

It was at that point when my best friend told me that it was her who used to write the letters to keep the other friend hopeful and happy. The guy really didn’t write letters. Moreover the guy didn’t even know the other friend!
Yes people i had gone up to a boy and asked him for a LOVE LETTER confessing that he didn’t have to hide his SECRET LOVE from me as i already knew about THEM. I actually felt like murdering my best friend for she could have told this all to me before yet she preferred seeing me doing the worlds most craziest thing!

So after that day… I really couldn’t help noticing the weird stares i got from the same guy. Thanks goodness i changed my school in grade seven, well along with my best friend and she still hasn’t stopped giving me such embarrassing moments!

Thank you best friend. For such an embarrassing moment. Well it makes me smile today!
I hope you enjoyed my post! ☺️


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