I lay here celebrating the dark as it slowly wraps me in its silence. How i fail to read the words my hands scribe, straining my eyes at the white lined sheet of the book that holds my life.

Its weird how less you can see in the dark but how at the same time your mind burst with ideas, plans, thoughts, memories and seemingly all whats unseen. How less my senses choose to function, yet how diverse my soul travels.

In the dark, When the blurry lights outside my window comes into focus and than loose it.

In the dark, when only the silhouette of the items in my room fill my vision.

In the dark, when my mind travels back and forth, remembering the past, planning ahead.

In the dark when the eyes well up with tears of what has been lost, while the lips quiver a smile for the memories made.

In the dark, when the vision seeks dreams coming true, while the heart makes a million wishes.

In the dark, when my soul actually feels free…


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