Stand alone in the storms when they finally find your way. Don’t expect for a shelter offered by an umbrella besides your own. If a helping hand is brought forward be grateful, but if it isn’t, don’t blame the world for it. The world will not take upon itself another burden while it’s struggling to handle its own. No one is to be blamed for all your soakings in the rain. Let the thunder continue, and let the lightning fall, you either stand forth on your heels high, or you drench in the drowsy dark.

This way or the other, you’ll either walk out strong, by fighting your way through the winds, looking for your own umbrella, your own self, seeking your own help. Or, you will walk out proficient. Experienced and trained for the upcoming storms, prepared well beforehand for all the battles to be fought.

Either way you turn out, you will remain free from the favors of the people of this world. Those which they do not allow to go unnoticed.

Be strong, independent, and most of all believe in you.  You’ve walked through the storms before; you can walk through them again. All you need is just your strength and see how relieved you’ll feel. Burden-less, Blameless and free.


8 thoughts on “A Sincere Advice.

  1. Another beautifully written piece. There are those times when you must walk alone. Hopefully, you will write a piece about those times when friends make all the difference. Keep writing!

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