Few people understand what it means to be really there for somebody. And that’s the toughest part about being on a journey; you realize the main ones that said they will ride with you are in fact the first ones to fall off. People make promises with the sun shining- excuses when the storm comes. That is why I am thankful to the rains that washed away the unnecessary.

The reality is; you could be perfectly alike, wickedly connected and genuinely retarded but could still be overlooked and forgotten. So when they finally leave, you come to learn that our kind of love isn’t for everybody. More importantly; there are more of those around you that need it than you think.


2 thoughts on “Storms guiding the ride.

  1. Being overlooked is something I can relate to. It’s much easier to just learn to stand on your own shoes. But we must never hesitate to shower our love.

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