The percentage of Carbon Monoxide in air marks only 0.2 % compare to oxygen which is 20.95%. However if this small amount of Carbon Monoxide reacts with the hemoglobin in blood, regardless of the ample amount of oxygen in air, can cause poisoning in the body. But hemoglobin plays it smart. It knows what it wants and does not let others merge along.

Similarly, negativity, no matter how many positives lay around, will not fail to TOXICATE you as long as you allow it to be a part of you. Keeping inside as much as 0.1% of the 0.2% negativity around will kill all the oxygen you have collected in your life, destroying without you even knowing.

Be aware of how even the slightest of antagonism can harm you. You have got to make the choice. Either permit it to enter in a little proportion, allowing it to kill silently, or shut the gates close, to remain spiritually awake and fulfill the dreams you’d seen as a child.


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